Transport of mail by river boats

Rijn en IJssel Stoomboot Maatschappij

With the establishment of the Rijn en IJssel Stoomboot Maatschappij in 1835, the steam era made its appearance in shipping on the river IJssel. The steamers had to take care of the connection between Amsterdam and Cologne. From Amsterdam the Zuiderzee was crossed to Kampen, from where the IJssel along Zwolle and Deventer was steamed to Arnhem and over the Rhine to Cologne.

Letter from Groningen to Amsterdam, 20 July 1847 "met een kistje waarde ƒ 36" (= with a box worth NLG 36). The rate of 50 cents and the weight in pound is indicated top left. Per diligence (indicated on the right) to Zwolle and by ship to Amsterdam. Oval handstamp RYN EN IJSSEL STOOMBOOT MAATSCHAPPIJ / ZWOLLE with the date of departure from Zwolle and a registration number.

Zwolsche Stoomboot Maatschappij

The Zwolsche Stoomboot Maatschappij was founded in Zwolle on 20 July 1841 and opened a service between Zwolle via Kampen to Amsterdam on 12 September 1842 with the newly built steamship "Stad Zwolle". The service was expanded in 1852 with a new ship, the "Stad Amsterdam". The company was liquidated in 1891. President of this society was P.H. Queijsen.

Steamer "Stad Zwolle"

Letter from Zwolle to Genemuiden, 11 August 1865 "Met de Brandspuit (With the fire sprayer) 11 Aug. pr Zwolsche Boot". Circular cachet ZWOLSCHE / STOOMBOOT / MAATSCHAPPIJ in blue with written date.


Service letter from the firm, from Zwolle to Hoogeveen, 20 October 1868 with oval cachet ZWOLSCHE / STOOMBOOT / MAATSCHAPPIJ in blue, now without written daten. With yellow label ZWOLSCHE / STOOMBOOT / MAATSCHAPPIJ / HOOGEVEEN. Geschreven "Spoed!". the author has a similar item in his collection but sent to Genemuidenwith that village name on the label. Both letters contain a request from the management of the company to the Municipal Executive to co-sign a letter to the House of Representatives on the maintenance of the waterways.


Zwolsche en Rotterdamsche Schroefstoomboot Maatschappij

The Zwolsche en Rotterdamsche Schroefstoomboot Maatschappij sailed between Zwolle and Rotterdam from 12 February 1867. The management consisted of W.J. em H. Schuttevaer. The first was the founder of the skippers association in the Netherlands. The company had agents in Rotterdam, Gouda and Amsterdam. After 1872 we no longer come across this service.

Letter sent per Zwolsche en Rotterdamsche Schroefstoomboot Maatschappij, 12 March 1871 "met een mand wijn gem(erkt) A.G.R" (with a casked of wine marked A.G.R.).


Advertisement in the newspaper Zwolsche Courant, 1867.


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