In Zwolle, a postmaster had already been appointed in 1669 for postal traffic between Holland and Groningen and Friesland. In 1678, Pieter van der Horst took over the permit from his father Johan van der Horst to keep a comptoir als postmeister at the Groningen Post Office.

N. Brouwer was houder van de busse van het Hamburger post-comptoir.

On 8 September 1715, Joost Berend Meese was appointed postmaster at the Münsters Post Office.

On 13 December 1691 Teunis van Brakel was appointed as postman of the letters from Deventer instead of his father (and also as gate shutter of the Sassenpoort).
In 1700, the postmasters were granted the exclusive right to deliver the letters from places they had relations with. The other letters remained free to deliver, as evidenced by a document concerning the appointment of Meese at the Münsters Posthuis in 1715.

Hendrik Voet succeeded Van der Horst on 20 September 1697, and his co-entitled N. Brouwer in 1701. Voet became the postmaster of the city. He died in 1737.

His cousin Pieter van Hoboken succeeded him in 1737. However, Deventer and Kampen did not recognize Pieter van Hoboken as the postmaster of their cities. Deventer and Kampen were no longer subordinated to Zwolle in the new postal contract betweenThe Haghue and Zwolle. Van Hoboken also found it difficult to compete with other competitors in Zwolle. For example, "factor" Jannes Lindenhof was fined several times for delivering Amsterdam letters (Lindenhof was commies at the Gronings Postkantoor, see below).

On July 7, 1751, the son of the postmaster, Eusebius Jodocus of Hoboken, was appointed as a postmaster next to his father.

After the death of E.J. van Hoboken in 1783 it was decided to bring the post at The Haghue under direct management of the aldermen and councils of the city of Zwolle. To this end, a committee was appointed on 6 November 1783.

Postmaster became Evert Jan Thomassen a Thuessink in 1783. The heirs of Hoboken remained in charge as postmasters for the Friesland ride until 1 January 1874. The committee thanked in 1787.Evert Jan Thomassen a Thuessink

Thomassen a Thuessink was succeeded on 2 October 1793 by Dr Jan Frederik van der Leyten. The mother of the late Thomassen a Thuessink was there for the first time.



IJsbrant Loots was postmaster Paardenposterij during the Batavian Republic. His daughter marries Egbert ten Zweege, who is the postmaster of the Paardenposterij and is connected to the Logement De Zeven Provinciën.

On 2 October 1807 King Louis Napoleon decides by decree that six inspectors will be appointed for both the letter post Brievenposterij and the horse post Paardenposterij. Mr. A.H. Cramer in Zwolle becomes inspector of the 5th arrondissement. Commies in Zwolle is Bernardus Tibout .

On 1 July 1811, when the Netherlands became part of the French Empire, Johan Wilhelm Hachmeester Eekhout, great-grandchild of Evert Jan Thomassen a Thuessink, became director of the Post Office in Zwolle. The Behaigne is then the inspector of the Post Office in Zwolle.
Hachmeester Eekhout later becomes Inspector General of the Post Office and in 1845 director of the Post Office in Amsterdam.

In 1823 Hachmeester Eekhout is succeeded by J.H.C. baron Bentinck tot Buckhorst. He is succeeded on January 25, 1836 by Mr. E. Hogeweg.

Later appointed as director: 29 August 1860 A.W.G. Count Hogendorp, 27 February 1869 E.J.C. Greven, 1 February 1889 A. Simons and on 16 November 1896 A.K. Gualthérie van Weezel.


Map of Zwolle from Blaeu's "Toonneel der Steden", 1652


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