Overview of stagecoach (Postwagen) services in Zwolle 1790-1850

The Dutch dictionary defines a Postwagen a stagecoach that transports mail items. But that was not always the case. Postwagens are stagecoaches of private operators for the transport of persons and goods. ThePostwagen borrowed its name from the postal services at the time, but not from the "posts", the hostels or lodgings, which it employed. ThePostwagen was also used here and there for letter transport.

Until 1807 there was no distinction between postal vehicles and postal services of the National Post Office. Many private postal vehicles that drove between Zwolle and Groningen, Coevorden or Munster, for example, also took letters. Until 1803 there was no national postal service. After the introduction of the first Postal Act of 1807, there was in principle a monopoly for the National Post Office, but that was not maintained in practice. This had to do with: white spots on the letter post office, no daily letter post rides in parts of the Netherlands, cost advantage with postal vehicles, etc.

Advertisement in the Overijsselsche Courant, 1-11-1836.

Below is a list of Postwagen trips to and from Zwolle by various companies, derived from announcements and advertisements in the newspaper Provinciale Overijsselsche en Zwolsche Courant between 1790 and 1850.

Postwagen De Arend
26-10-1849 Timetable Diligence De Arend on Apeldoorn.
29-11-1850 Diligence service De Arend on Hattem, Heerde, Epe,
Vaassen, 't Loo, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Departure 5.30 PM
at J.R. Scheuer near the Kamperpoort.
Algemeene Postwagendienst van Bouricius
05-03-1833 From 1 March 1833 daily on Meppel, Groningen,
Leeuwarden, Deventer, Amersfoort, Utrecht, Den Haag,
Rotterdam, Arnhem, Amsterdam. Departure from the Nieuwe
Keizerskroon. President in Zwolle: A. Kiesbrink.
12-03-1833 Further extensions and connections.
03-09-1833 Change departure times Zwolle-Groningen due to
dangers for the nightly ride from Ligtmis to Zwolle.
04-02-1834 Extensive timetable.
07-02-1834 From 3 Februart 1834 daily services, among others to
Amersfoort. Night service, departure from Zwolle 9.30 AM, 
from Amersfoort 3.15 PM.
31-05-1834 Timetable.
14-10-1834 Diligence to Holland, departure starting 15 oktober 1834
 9.00 PM.
02-06-1835 Second daily service on Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam,
05-06-1835 Utrecht; connection on Groningen and Leeuwarden.
02-06-1835 Service to Arnhem, Zutphen, Deventer, etc.
18-09-1835 Service Zwolle-Utrecht (departure 7.00 AM) and Utrecht-Zwolle
(departure 11.00 PM) fiom 20 September ceased.
29-09-1835 Departure times from Zwolle to different destinations.
06-10-1835 The office is open during 7.00 to 1.00 and 2.00 to 13.00 also for
 reservations. Signed A. Kiesbrink.
01-11-1836 Change of timetable on Arnhem, Groningen and Leeuwarden.
Postwagenonderneming Concordia
26-04-1831 From. 1 May 1831 the "Nieuwe Hollandsche Postwagen
29-04-1831 Onderneming Concordia" starts its services, daily from 5.30 AM
03-05-1831 Zwolle-Amersfoort; with corresponding connections
on Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Kampen, Leeuwarden en
Groningen. Concordia's office in Zwolle, D.W. Diepenveen in
the "Hof van Holland" in the Praauwenstraat (= Praubstraat,
nowadays the theater Odeon). President W. and A. Visscher.
24-06-1831 Complete list "Hollandsche Diligence Onderneming
Concordia" on Germany. Entrepreneur Louis Vermeulen.
11-08-1832 New timetable for Zwolle-Groningen, later also on
14-08-1832 Leeuwarden. Signed by Vermeulen, Visscher and Ketel.
12-02-1833 From 16 February 1833 important extension service on
19-02-1833 Groningen and Leeuwarden.
01-03-1833 The Postwagen service has moved from lodge A. Kiesbrink 
to D.W. Diepenheim in the "Hof van Holland".
19-04-1833 Extensive timetable across the country.
03-05-1833 Timetable on Leeuwarden and Groningen.
02-10-1835 Delivery of funds and goods 8.00-9.30 PM in the
06-10-1835 "Hof van Holland". Signed W. en A. Visscher.
27-05-1836 New service on Groningen and n Leeuwarden from 1 June.
24-06-1836 Change departure times.
23-06-1837 Service on Leeuwarden and Groningen suspended by 1 July.
27-06-1837 From 1 July new timetable on Groningen, Leeuwarden,
Deventer and Utrecht.
06-04-1838 Evening trip to Holland, departure from now on at 7:30.
Signed W. en A. Visscher.
31-05-1839 From now on, no longer departure at J.J. Hammer but at
04-06-1839 A. Kiesbrink in the Camperstraat.
19-07-1844 Diligence service Concordia to Amersfoort, Utrecht, etc.
from 17 July departure 4.45 AM at Kiesbrink,
to arrive at Amsterdam by train departing from Utrecht 1.30 AM,
just before trading hours.
Signed W. en A. Visscher.
27-09-1844 Diligence at Amersfoort from Concordia now departs
01-10-1844 5.30 AM. Signed W. and A. Visscher.
28-10-1845 To Amersfoort-Utrecht and about Naarden to Amsterdam
from November 1st. Departure at 7.30 a.m. Connection to
the express train to The Hague and Amsterdam.
Nederlandsche Postwagenonderneming
21-09-1838 Between Zwolle, Almelo and Enschede daily except saturdays,
28-09-1838 from "De Halve Maan" at the Diezerpoort.
05-10-1838 Extensive advertisement.
Postwagen on Almelo and Enschede
22-02-1833 "Hollandsche Postwagenonderneming" service on
06-03-1833 Almelo and Enschede, departure from Zwolle.
14-11-1837 New Diligence service on Almelo, each tuesday and friday.
Departure from Zwolle at the entrepreneur W. Kamphuis
on the Dike in the lodge.
05-07-1839 Tuesday and Friday departure at Kamphuis on the dike, 9.30 AM;
arrival in Almelo 2.30 PM. Price ƒ 1.70.
25-10-1839 Relocation of departure post at Almelo on 1 November
to the Koevordense Posthuis at widow H. Reyerink, over the
bridge on the Dike near Zwolle.
25-10-1844 New Diligence service starts 3 November on Almelo,
28-10-1844 every sunday and wednesday departure at widow Reyerink on the
01-11-1844 Dike. Entrepeneur G.J. van der Veen.
25-03-1845 From 28 March Diligence on Almelo, starting in the mourning
at 9.30 AM, ceased.
Postwagen on Amersfoort
23-09-1831 Diligence Amersfoort-Zwolle connection to Nijmegen, departure
from Zwolle 6.30 AM, 6.00 PM in Nijmegen.
(see also under Concordia 26-04-1831)
16-10-1840 New Postwagen service "De Vaderlander" of H.J. Jans
30-10-1840 from 1 November on Amersfoort, sunday, monday,
wednesday and thursday. Office in Zwolle at J.A. Jansen
Vredenburg on the Dike no. 161.
Postwagen on Almelo and Ootmarsum
31-05-1850 New service Zwolle-Almelo-Ootmarsum, monday, 
wednesday, thursday and saturday.
Postwagen on Amsterdam
24-12-1841 Serious accident with the Diligence from Amsterdam:
at the Kamperpoort in the water, 5 dead.
Postwagen on Apeldoorn and Arnhem
02-07-1847 Diligence service "De Arend" Zwolle, Epe, Apeldoorn and
Arnhem,. Departure from Zwolle 5.30 AM at Scheuer.
Postwagen on Coevorden
14-05-1850 Plea for a Postwagen service at Coevorden.
Postwagen on Deventer
17-07-1832 Diligence service from Folkert and Kamphuis on Deventer
ceased due to too high costs.
23-03-1838 Daily Postwagen service on Deventer. Departure from
Zwolle at E. Jansen in thee Halve Maan at the Ossenmarkt, 
9.30 AM (starts 4 april 1838). (Nowadays Ossenmarkt 27).
06-11-1840 Postwagen company "De Goede Hoop" of E. Jansen
at Zwolle. Starting 10 November 1840 to Deventer; departure at
the lodge "De Halve Maan" at H. Kleinbentink.
13-09-1842 Diligence on Deventer from A. Rensen departs from 15 September
at 4.00 PM at Kiesbrink in the Keizerskroon instead of
at H. van der Molen in "De Zon" (nowadays Grote Markt 5).
27-12-1842 Diligence service Zwolle-Deventer departure 7.00 PM at
Kiesbrink ceased from 1 January 1843.
02-02-1844 Postwagen De Hoop from 8 February daily char-á-banc on
Deventer; departure drom Zwolle 10.30 AM at G. Mater in the
Stadsherberg, from Deventer ar 4 PM.
19-07-1844 Daily Diligence on Deventer; departure in Zwolle at Van der 
Molen in "De Zon" on the market.
02-07-1845 Change departure times Zwolle-Deventer, for connection with
11-07-1845 the train to Arnhem.
Postwagen on Deventer, Utrecht and Arnhem
09-12-1831 Diligences of Koningsveld departure at A. Kiesbrink
16-12-1831 in the Keizerskroon at 9.00 PM to Deventer, Utrecht and
Arnhem; 2nd service departs at 5.00 PM
Postwagen on Deventer and Zutphen
16-10-1828 From  27 Oktober twice a day Diligence to Deventer, Zutphen, etc.
21-10-1828 Departure 3.00 AM and 6.00 PM; journey to Deventer
24-10-1828 3 hours. Departure at Kiesbrink in the Keizerskroon near
the Sassenpoort.
14-11-1828 Message from the joint drivers of Zwolle and Deventer.
18-11-1828 Departure Zwolle 10.00 AM, arrival Deventer 1.30 PM
from lodge "De Pauw" near the Sassenpoort of widow
17-04-1840 Departure at Deventer and Zutphen (exit at Tenthof in
"De Pauw" from now on at 8.30 AM (was 10 AM).
27-06-1843 Postwagen sercice on Zutphen and Deventer of Janse en Co: 
30-06-1843 change of timetable
Postwagen on Elburg and Harderwijk
29-05-1838 New Postwagen service Zwolle-Harderwijk-Elburg three times
a week. Departure in Zwolle at the lodge "De Halve Maan" at
the Diezerpoort near G.J. Folkert. Entrepeneurs: J.J. van Veluwen
24-11-1846 Postwagen along the Zuiderzee to Elburg etc. In Zwolle departure
7.30 hrs at H. van der Molen in "De Zon" on the market.
18-02-1848 Postwagen service Zwolle-Elburg ceased. Serviice Elburg-
Harderwijk-Amersfoort-Utrecht remains.
Postwagen on Epe
08-09-1846 Postwagen service "De Arend" from 11 September service on
11-09-1846 Epe via Hattem and Heerde, along the new gravel road.
each monday, wednesday and friday, in Zwolle at Scheuer in front
of the Kamperpoort, in Epe at H. Jonker.
Postwagen on Groningen
09-03-1799 11 Maart resumption of the Postwagen service
Groningen, departure point at C.J. Vavre, innkeeper of 
t Hof van Holland at the Blijmarkt.
Postwagen on Hardenberg
03-07-1838 New Postwagen service to Hardenberg monday and friday.
Departs from Zwolle 12.00, arrival Hardenberg 7.00 PM. 
Departure at Lingensche or Almeloosche Posthuis of
W. Kamphuis.
10-07-1838 Service on Hardenberg monday and friday departure 10.00 AM,
aankomst Hardenberg 5.00 uur. Vertrek in Zwolle bij A. Boer in
the Oude Keizerskroon and from Oude Almeloosche to the new 
Lingensche Posthuis on the Dike.
10-04-1840 Change of message re Postwagen service on Hardenberg monday 
14-04-1840 and friday.
06-10-1848 Diligence on Hardenberg monday, wednesday, friday 10.00 uur
departure at Kiesbrink. Daily serice ceased.
30-03-1849 Summer timetable Diligence on Hardenberg.
02-10-1850 Diligence company Van Münster, Zweers & c.s.: 
timetable on Hardenberg from 2 Oktober.
27-08-1847 A once a week ferry at Heerenveen, from Heerenveen on
thursday, from Zwolle on wednesday (decission B. en E.).
Postwagen on Kampen
02-05-1837 Setting up Diligence service at Kampen on 1 May by
track boat skippers at Kampen.
19-04-1839 Diligence on Kampen of J.F. Reys does not depart any more
at Scheuer outside the Kamperpoort, but at H. van der
Moolen on the Groote Markt.
03-11-1839 Diligence service Zwolle-Kampen corresponding with
08-11-1839 Stoombootdienst Kampen-Amsterdam 8.00 uur AM at
H. van der Molen in "De Zon" at the Groote Markt.
21-04-1840 New Postwagen service Zwolle-Kampen from wednesday 22
24-04-1840 April 7.00 PM, departure at A. Kiesbrink in the 
07-08-1840 Diligence on Kampen departs monday 8 augustus 9.00 uur
14-08-1840 at A. Kiesbrink in the Keizerskroon.
04-08-1843 Diligence Zwolle-Kampen daily from 1 Augustus. Signed
E. Hanse in the Halve Maan.

Diligence Zwolle-Kampen leaves from 2 November from Zwolle

at 8.00 AM at Van der Molen in "De Zon" on the market; 
2nd service departs 11.30 AM at Jansen in the Halve Maan near the
27-03-1846 New Diligence service on Kampen; departure at the house of the
widow H. Reijrink on the dyke 7.00 AM. Entrepeneur 
B. Oldermaat.
26-04-1848 Diligence service Kampen-Zwolle ceased from 1 May.
Postwagen on Meppel and Groningen
24-02-1829 Timeable Diligence on Groningen commencing 1 March
07-09-1832 Advertisement competing Postwagen service on Groningen
of Folkert en De Vries
25-10-1839 From Monday 28 Oktober daily from "De Pauw" near
Tenthof, postkoets to Meppel 5.00 PM.
10-01-1840 Postwagen Zwolle-Meppel-Assen-Groningen stopped due to ice.
24-01-1840 Postwagen service on Meppel resumed (see 10-01-1840)
28-04-1843 Postwagen Meppel-Zwolle of F. Greeve daily, but not on
02-05-1843 saturday, departure at E. Jansen in the Halve Maan near the
31-01-1845 Diligence service Zwolle-Meppel corresponding with the track boat
on Assen and Groningen resumed monday 4 Februari.
Signed B.H. Jansen en H. Bruintjes.
04-02-1848 Company "De Vereeniging" shall resume the service Zwolle-Meppel
7 February. Departure 5.30 AM at the lodge "Het Minsterse Posthuis"
Entrepeneurs R.H. Jansen and H. Bruintjes.
05-01-1849 Service on Meppel corresponding with the track boat on
Assen, ceased due to ice.
Postwagen on Münster
25-04-1820 The departure time of the Postwagen on Münster will be earlier 
28-04-1820 so that the Postwagen will be back before the town gates close.
Postwagen on Oldenzaal
20-04-1799 From 1 March to 1 November Postwagen on Oldenzaal, monday
27-04-1799 via Schuitenburg and thursday via Holten; departure 6.00
from the house of Berend van der Vegrte outside the Diezerpoort;
this service starts 2 May.
Postwagen on Zwartsluis
01-10-1844 Diligence on Zwartsluis from Drost monday, wednesday,
friday 3.00 (instead of 4.00) from 1 Oktober.


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